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Your Consultant is Kim Jurczykowski

My Story

I was a Customer for a couple of years before deciding Scentsy would be a good fit for me and my Family. Attended my first Scentsy event February 4th, 2014 and signed up on the spot.
Having taken my business from filling my own needs for Scentsy to sharing it with everyone I meet to team building.
Showing all that Scentsy has to offer whether it be at a Home Party, Basket Party, FaceBook LIVE Party, A Sip-N-Sniff, any type of Event, Fundraisers to mentoring new and exsisting Team Members.
I am so Blessed to be on this amazing journey. The Friends made from all around the world, my Customers and my Family are everything to me!
If you are interested in joining me please do not hesitate to contact me. Near, far, where ever you are we can do this together! From Small Towns to Big Cities and everything in between there is someone out there that needs some SCENTSY in their life!
So how can I help you?